Piercing has always been one of our services here at Squidink and we only have qualified, experienced and friendly staff, operating in a clean and healthy environment. Whether you would like a simple piercing, to start a piercing project or something a little more extreme, our piercer Tessa is always happy to chat and answer any queries you have.  

PIERCING PRICE LIST (including jewellery)

Ear Piercings

Ear lobes - £20 
All cartilage piercings - £25
Ear scaffolding - £35
Transverse lobe - £30

All labret piercings £25

Nose piercings 
Nostril - £25
Bridge - £30
Septum - £30

Facial Piercings

Eyebrow - £25
Cheek - £35
Tongue - £35
Tongue Frenum £35
Smiley - £30
Bindi £35

Body Piercings

Navel £30
All surface & microdermals - £35
Nipple £35

All genital piercings start from £40, all other piercing prices available on request.

We like to make our customers feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible and are always available to answer any questions and help with the aftercare of all piercings. Some of the comments recently received from our customers include;

"For my first piercing I was surprisingly relaxed, and I felt in very capable hands the whole time" - Karl S

"A very clean, professional environment - highly recommended to all!" - Alice K

"The staff gave me some great advice and I will be only too happy to return for my next piercing..." - Rachel A